Benefits of Becoming a P.E.

Job Opportunities – Employers want engineers who show a commitment to the future by becoming registered. Many engineering jobs require PE status.
Promotions – Look around - a majority of senior engineering positions are occupied by PEs. An increasing number of companies are requiring registration for advancement.
Consulting – Only PEs can consult in private practice and serve as expert witnesses in court.
Respect – PEs gain the respect of peers within the engineering community. Registered engineers also enhance their employers reputation.
Professionalism – Registration by a majority of engineers is essential if you are to enjoy the benefits of established professions such as medicine and law.
It's the Law – This is probably the most important reason. Tennessee State law reserves use of the word "engineer" for licensed professional engineers

What is Required?

Please see the Tennessee Board of Architectural and Engineering Examiners home page for current registration requirements.

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